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What We Do


We are a custom metalwork studio located in San Antonio, Texas. Our architectural lighting and ornamental metalwork has been showcased in many distinctive architectural spaces since 1980. Each Isaac Maxwell Metal creation is individually crafted from architectural grade copper and brass.


Our ornate custom doors stage a grand entrance in traditional estates to modern homes. Our ornamental metalwork can be customized for almost any application. Visit our gallery/workshop to view our selection of decorative elements for the home.


Our public art commissions are prominently displayed in parks and along the historic Riverwalk in the picturesque city of San Antonio. Commercial projects include banks, retail stores, restaurants, theaters and churches throughout the United States.



We strive for beauty in every item we produce. For forty years, our Master Craftsman and his apprentices have been dedicated to creating heritage quality items that will last for generations. Each artistic endeavor begins with a selection from our archive of original Isaac Maxwell designs. Fine grade sheets of metal are then hand formed, punched or embossed to exacting measurements. Over time our craftsmen have developed custom-made tools to create the distinctive patterning found only on an Isaac Maxwell original.


Shares many of the same characteristics as silver and gold. Known for its beauty, excellence in durability and corrosion resistance, copper is well suited for interior and exterior architectural applications.


A copper/zinc alloy that is valued for its beauty, durability and corrosion resistance similar to copper. The high copper content of our brass allows it to form a natural patina that protects it from corrosion.



The beauty and durability of the raw materials we use only increases with age. Respect for its natural qualities is evident in the traditional handiwork of our skilled craftsmen.



Attention to the details is what we stake our reputation on. We guarantee the beauty and durability of every item we produce and that is why you will only find our brand on Isaac Maxwell Metal originals. Our workshop has been producing heirloom quality items for over forty years. If your original is damaged and in need of repair we invite you to contact us for an evaluation.



The artistry and craftsmanship in the intricate details are what make our fixtures unique. Each item we make is entirely hand formed by one of our experienced craftsmen from the first cut to the final logo stamp and date.




Isaac Maxwell Metal (IMM) is recognized as one of San Antonio’s unique craft studios.  Works from IMM appear in the Frost Bank downtown, the Tower of the Americas, along the River Walk and in the homes Isaac designed as the architect for some of San Antonio’s most prominent families.  Isaac began his career in an office with fellow architect E. B. Flowers in the 1960’s in a King William house, across the street from the offices of O’Neil Ford, the dean of San Antonio architects. Ford was the champion of a regional style that responded to the geography, culture and materials of the area, which included the incorporation of traditional crafts. The fixtures Isaac designed are much more than just a source of light. Through individually punched holes in copper, light and shadow are cast into mesmerizing patterns on the ceiling and walls and, with his torchieres, onto the floor.  Isaac was also known for his exquisite doors of copper and brass, cabinet hardware, planters and other hand-made accessories which he created to complement the architecture of the houses he designed.  As his architectural career became more successful Isaac did not have the time to do the fabrication so in 1978 he brought into his office, called “The Works”, a young carpenter and wood-carver, Gregorio Rebollar whom he trained as an apprentice.  Gregorio remembers that Isaac was a demanding teacher who accepted nothing less than perfection.  Isaac became godfather for Gregorio and his family.  Gregorio has a grandson named Isaac and a daughter named after Isaac’s widow.  Isaac died much too young in 1998.  Isaac’s widow, Judith, also an architect took over Isaac Maxwell Metal and heroically carried on the business until October, 2014 when, with her blessing, close friend of Isaac and Judith, Mike Casey took over IMM along with Gregorio, now a master craftsman, as equal partner.  Gregorio has brought in as apprentices his grandson, Abel Gonzales and son in law Jacob Reza and the tradition continues.  With access to Isaac’s original drawings the studio can reproduce any of the fixtures and accessories since the origin of Isaac Maxwell Metal.



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse some of our favorite items below. Make an appointment to view our complete catalog of designs.



The artistry of Isaac Maxwell emits a mesmerizing light that creates sanctuary spaces. Every surface of the room is taken into consideration in the design phase of our light fixtures. Light and shadow is cast onto every surface from the floor to the ceiling in distinctive patterns. While unlit, it possesses a sculptural presence.


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